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Our experts will prepare your Curriculum Vitae (CV) in standard UK format!







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2-5 working days


2-5 working days

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PDF and .docx


UK CV Format

We will prepare your CV in the standard UK format that is accepted by all universities in the UK.

Content Relevance

We will ensure that the CV content includes all pertinent details and is relevant to your target course.

Universities + Job Applications

The prepared CV can be used to apply for universities as well as job openings in the UK

CV Preparation Workflow


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Place the online order for service using the link on this page.



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Provide your CV preferences by answering all the questions in our CV questionnaire.


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On Time Delivery

Expect on-time delivery of your professionally-prepared CV!


What is a Curriculum Vitae?

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a brief but concise account of your academic and professional tenure. Along with academic and professional endorsement, CV also showcases your achievements, specialized skills and interests. A professional CV will provide an opportunity for the admission committee to get a quick and comprehensive grasp of your overall profile. The quality of your CV should not be compromised on any level as it is a highly vital document for the student.

Who should apply?

You should avail CV preparation service for any of the reasons below:

  1. You have written your LORs but looking for feedback and evaluation by professional writers.

  2. You wish to enhance the quality of your LORs and need inputs to improve them further.

  3. You are unsure if the quality of your LORs matches the academic standards as set by the USA.

  4. You are looking for expert opinion and feedback on language usage, grammar and content relevance.

How Can CV Preparation Help You

CV preparation will benefit you in several ways:

  1. Improves overall Profile Evaluation Score - 5-15 points.

  2. You will get a clear idea of whether your LORs meet the current academic standards.

  3. Professionally reviewed LORs will most significantly increase your chances of securing an admission.

UK CV Format

The UK is one of the top destinations for pursuing studies abroad. International Students come from diverse backgrounds which is why there is a need for standardization of CVs. The UK CV format is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of academic and professional setups in the UK. The CV is designed keeping readability in mind and highlighting all the relevant details in clear and concise formatting.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive an e-mail with a link to a questionnaire. We call it CV preferences. Fill in the questionnaire and submit your preferences.
It will typically take 2-5 days for delivery, depending on other priority orders.
You will receive your professionally prepared CV in standard US format at the end of our service.
Our CV preparation service has helped enhance the CV quality of hundreds of applicants. Our expert writers have a clear understanding of admission committee expectations of the UK CV.

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